Gold filled jewelry

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What is Gold Filled ?

Gold-filled is an industry standard coming from the United States. It’s a strictly regulated process that involves pressure bonding of solid 14k gold with extreme heat over a core of jeweler’s brass resulting in a durable and quality product.

Unlike plated metals, Gold-filled is legally required to contain 5% of solid gold by weight, in this way there is 50 to 100 times more Solid Gold in a Gold-filled product than in a Gold Plated one.

Why is gold-filled jewelry so great ?

The benefits

Water Resistant

Unlike Gold Plated, it's safe to get your Gold Filled jewellery wet.

Long Lasting

GF will not wear off over time, and if taken care of properly it can last a lifetime.

No Allergies

The thick outer layer of gold makes it highly durable and safe for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Durable Material

Absolutely the best option after solid gold for quality and durability.

Easy To Clean

Can stay beautiful for a lifetime, especially with a little care.

Doesn't Tarnish

Gold-filled jewellery are lifetime products because the gold layer bonded to the brass core is quite thick.



Gold-filled is a great alternative to solid gold. This process, coming from the United States, consists of the application of a strong solid gold layer on a base metal with heat and pressure.

The gold used to make jewellery in 14k Gold filled is definitely real, it’s the same gold as we can get when buying a 14k Solid Gold product.

Gold-filled jewelry is required to have a minimum of  5% gold by weight.  The 5% gold in Gold-fill jewelry may not sound like a lot, but it’s all on the outside and it’s plenty to keep your jewelry looking great for many years.

Gold filled jewelry can be identify with mark present on Gold filled pieces such as 14/20 GF or 14k GF. Much of the time we can see it on chain clasp, earrings backs and inside rings. However, it’s possible that handmade Gold-fill pieces from smaller companies won’t be marked.

Gold filled and Gold fill are the same thing. The terms are often used interchangeably, although “Gold-filled” is officially preferred.  

Apply a dab of toothpaste on the jewellery and softly rub with your hands. Rinse with cold water then dry with a tissue until completely dry.

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